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So, at the time of writing this, we have just entered a three day lockdown, people are going crazy again panic buying and yet these are the same people who don’t social distance or have a clue. It’s crazy, but I’m still grateful to live in a place where all is not as unfortunate as it is in other parts of the world. 
But then again......
This week, the euphoria of seeing the first draft of the cover for Freakenstein hit home. That sense of knowing that those long roads walked, sifting through bags of empty cans and bottles, the stench of stale beer becoming a part of the ritual. The end product? Seeing this comic book come to life. All the art is finished and the aim is a early 2021 release.
I recently tried a hand at making my own podcast too, which was a lot of fun and definitely something I want to try and do proper very soon. It was a thrill to just talk about happiness from the music which will extend to conversations about movies and pop culture. Moments in time that take us time travelling. We sure as hell need more positivity right? It’s a pretty organic process and not as hard as I thought it’d be, but saying that, I’ve learned a great deal amd plan to make something really cool. 
Missing music...
Many a circus of chaos....
Writing the third Furies book has gone next level, so I’m happily sinking my fangs deep into it as we speak. The intensity is building exponentially and I think people who’ve enjoyed this series so far, will dig where I take this one. 
Side note. Read a book! Read a lot of books! People have trouble comprehending the essence, let alone the beneficial escapism one gets as the words take you away. Example,...of sorts, The Dirt, by Motley F#$kin’ Crüe. If that doesn’t take you on a wild ride,....well...I don’t envy you one bit. 
Again, what a world we live in...
That damn wall....knock it down. Knock it down...
I’m writing a kids book too. Damn good fun! 
Take care team. Keep it safe, keep it real, keep it freeky!

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