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Unity in Creativity

This week, I have been fortunate to share some wonderful news. I have teamed up with a fellow creative mind in Aaron Sammut, to help me with production of the Freakenstein comic, which is very exciting, as I also get to help him with his own comic, Maurice and the Metal. Why? Why not. I call this exercise- UNITY IN CREATIVITY Two like minded souls working towards the same goal. Why not work together, share ideas and perspective in the push to maximise each other’s potential and get our work to as many people as possible and show the power of camaraderie over divide.

What drew me to Aaron was his passion and drive. A common thread. Where it begins? Maurice and the Metal. I saw this comic book advertised and was drawn in straight away by the title, and amazingly great artwork. I knew this would be good. I found a copy and purchased it, and upon reading, was inspired and excited that there was a comic produced independently locally and a guy that had a story to tell. And what a story. Honest, from the heart, and HEAVY F*%KING METAL AS HELL!!! I had to reach out and meet this guy! We connected and bonded instantly. His tale a young boy who discovers he has super strength when he listens to Metal on his prized Walkman. It’s a tale of 80’s decadence with an absolute feel good kind of message and a nod to the underdog. His love of 80’s thrash metal compelled him to write this and backed with incredible art work by Jesse Hamm, the proof is right here in this more than exceptional body of work.

I knew we could help one another and learn and grow together. His comic sparked and inspired me to believe in myself and my idea to create Freakenstein. Meeting each other in person and chatting has been fantastic. Just sharing ideas, aspirations and giving each other feedback has been so cool. This kind of unity is refreshing, as we both have our feet on the ground, with no delusions of grandeur and just want to create the work we want and have fun. Of course we want people to read it and laugh together at the idea of how devolved society is with reading. It’s amusing and sad in the same breath. Side thought. Is there benefit to putting a phone or iPad in front of a kid or could a comic book benefit more? I don’t expect answers, I just ask this question to myself a lot, especially when I see the zombified state of people and technology, but then I witness the calm and tranquillity when I see a person engrossed in book. Apologies. Random thought…. So, here we are. Two writers helping each other, not competing like desperate racers, as we push each other and I am excited for the future. Would I like to see more of this in the community? Absolutely! Making money is great yes, but there’s so much more enrichment in great content.

I’m just grateful that there are comics like Maurice and the Metal out there in the universe, and soon…Freakenstein. One could not be more excited.

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