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Sorry for the delay in transmissions and thank you for your patience. A lot has been happening of late, and all is good. Keeping very creative and a solid slab of projects to keep my crazy mind busy.


For beloved Darkcell fans, I have been writing quite a few song ideas and I miss the studio dearly, so fingers crossed, that door will open again soon...


I have been composing a bit of late also, using a loops program that allows me to patch sounds and grooves together and it has been a fun and wonderful process. FREAKENSTEIN....I love making this comic soooooo much and I am so grateful to everyone who supports and read issue 1. I still have copies here, so you know what to do team! It has been such a labour of love bringing this story to life, and I am still recycling to finance the art for this. I have a wonderful artist that I pay per page, and it’s sentimental to me to know that I am doing all this ethically through recycling and supporting the artist and his family. There is no delusions of financial grandeur here, other than to be able to keep this going and see where the story takes us my friends. There are other stories I’d love to bring to comic form also, so how can you help? Easy! Tell your friends to buy Freakenstein or any of my other books, donations are also graciously accepted, as I have completed the script for Freakenstein #2, with 50% of the art completed. Just need to finish it, then get the layout and cover art sorted before we go to print. All this does cost, so the support, once again is deeply appreciated and as added incentive, I will include anyone’s name in the credits that leaves a donation. This next issue is bigger and more gore and action plus, part 1 of the origin story. 6 part limited series kids! Get on it!


Furies 3 is slowly making headway to completion also. If you haven’t read the series to date, seriously check it out. I might upload a chapter or two from my books as incentive.


The podcast. Oh man, this is fun! Happy Daze are exactly that, and I love that I am keeping it raw and diverse with my guests. It’s been a privilege to create. Far from perfect, but this debut season has taught me a lot and really filled my days and others with joy. Again, thank you for subscribing and tuning in. Special thanks to all who leave a rating also. Apparently this helps, and the other week, saw this little show rank #8 on the charts over some bigger names like the NY Times and Devin Townsend Podcast. Wow!


Thanks again for reading and supporting. This helps more than you know, and I am really grateful to those who tell me how inspiring these projects are and motivation for them to do great things themselves.


KEEP IT UP! If you have a goal, a dream, an ambition. There is no tomorrow friends. Today is your day. Grab it by the horns and ride into the sunset. Do great things and expect a bump or scrape along the way. Perfection is an illusion, creation is everything.


As a great man always said to me....




It’s been a while

It’s been a while, to paraphrase a great song. Apologies. You know when you reach a point, where you stop and second guess and wonder “why bother?” Yep. It’s silly and one shouldn’t concern themselves with trivial matters, but to quote a line from one of my all time favourite movies ‘The Crow,’ “Nothing’s trivial.” Those words have stuck with me since and whilst far from perfect as a human, one strives to better every day. Sometimes, we push so hard to create and our pride can be tested. 
Well, the creativity is in full force as always, and some amazing ideas are showing great potential. Cannot wait to share these ideas in due course and again, you humans ROCK! 
I’m truly gratefully to you the person, who takes the time to read blogs like this and the creative works. It’s been an emotional journey of late, and making a comic is so much fun, but testing of the energy. I’ve learned a great deal already and meeting some gifted and wonderful people already with similar passions. 
Freakenstein is upon us this week and already filled with a sense of deep pride and accomplishment.

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Unity in Creativity

This week, I have been fortunate to share some wonderful news. I have teamed up with a fellow creative mind in Aaron Sammut, to help me with production of the Freakenstein comic, which is very exciting, as I also get to help him with his own comic, Maurice and the Metal. Why? Why not. I call this exercise- UNITY IN CREATIVITY Two like minded souls working towards the same goal. Why not work together, share ideas and perspective in the push to maximise each other’s potential and get our work to as many people as possible and show the power of camaraderie over divide.

What drew me to Aaron was his passion and drive. A common thread. Where it begins? Maurice and the Metal. I saw this comic book advertised and was drawn in straight away by the title, and amazingly great artwork. I knew this would be good. I found a copy and purchased it, and upon reading, was inspired and excited that there was a comic produced independently locally and a guy that had a story to tell. And what a story. Honest, from the heart, and HEAVY F*%KING METAL AS HELL!!! I had to reach out and meet this guy! We connected and bonded instantly. His tale a young boy who discovers he has super strength when he listens to Metal on his prized Walkman. It’s a tale of 80’s decadence with an absolute feel good kind of message and a nod to the underdog. His love of 80’s thrash metal compelled him to write this and backed with incredible art work by Jesse Hamm, the proof is right here in this more than exceptional body of work.

I knew we could help one another and learn and grow together. His comic sparked and inspired me to believe in myself and my idea to create Freakenstein. Meeting each other in person and chatting has been fantastic. Just sharing ideas, aspirations and giving each other feedback has been so cool. This kind of unity is refreshing, as we both have our feet on the ground, with no delusions of grandeur and just want to create the work we want and have fun. Of course we want people to read it and laugh together at the idea of how devolved society is with reading. It’s amusing and sad in the same breath. Side thought. Is there benefit to putting a phone or iPad in front of a kid or could a comic book benefit more? I don’t expect answers, I just ask this question to myself a lot, especially when I see the zombified state of people and technology, but then I witness the calm and tranquillity when I see a person engrossed in book. Apologies. Random thought…. So, here we are. Two writers helping each other, not competing like desperate racers, as we push each other and I am excited for the future. Would I like to see more of this in the community? Absolutely! Making money is great yes, but there’s so much more enrichment in great content.

I’m just grateful that there are comics like Maurice and the Metal out there in the universe, and soon…Freakenstein. One could not be more excited.

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The Importance of Making Time for You and refuelling the mind. In this week’s blog, I pondered a few topics related to FREEK, and then got thinking about us. About you, about me and our need to just be.

Quite often we sigh in despair about never allowing ourselves the time to do the little things. It could be anything. For me, it’s the simple pleasure guessed it. Reading a book. Mostly comic books, but reading nonetheless. It’s a time to enjoy calm and refuel the mind. Try it. Most don’t have the patience because one can’t scroll or anything mindless by today’s trend. Friends, this is a trend that never died, will never die and will do things for your inner psyche. Anyways, it’s easier said than done to find time, but change a habit and replace it, even temporarily with something like. It doesn’t have to be reading, it could be anything that appeals to you that brings joy. That little time spent will make a difference.
For me, this simple action allows me to escape using my thought process and letting someone gifted take my mind into their world. Comic books offer such a great escapism. Hell, even a good book or listening to a great album or something new that you never tried before. These are all actions that leave your mind refreshed and ready to do great things. I could go on about this but if you’ve read this far, I consider it a miracle. Hahaha!
I love walking. A lot. It’s great to see the world around me. Maybe I’ll share a thought sometime, but for now, cheers for reading. Find your happy time and make it happen.


So, at the time of writing this, we have just entered a three day lockdown, people are going crazy again panic buying and yet these are the same people who don’t social distance or have a clue. It’s crazy, but I’m still grateful to live in a place where all is not as unfortunate as it is in other parts of the world. 
But then again......
This week, the euphoria of seeing the first draft of the cover for Freakenstein hit home. That sense of knowing that those long roads walked, sifting through bags of empty cans and bottles, the stench of stale beer becoming a part of the ritual. The end product? Seeing this comic book come to life. All the art is finished and the aim is a early 2021 release.
I recently tried a hand at making my own podcast too, which was a lot of fun and definitely something I want to try and do proper very soon. It was a thrill to just talk about happiness from the music which will extend to conversations about movies and pop culture. Moments in time that take us time travelling. We sure as hell need more positivity right? It’s a pretty organic process and not as hard as I thought it’d be, but saying that, I’ve learned a great deal amd plan to make something really cool. 
Missing music...
Many a circus of chaos....
Writing the third Furies book has gone next level, so I’m happily sinking my fangs deep into it as we speak. The intensity is building exponentially and I think people who’ve enjoyed this series so far, will dig where I take this one. 
Side note. Read a book! Read a lot of books! People have trouble comprehending the essence, let alone the beneficial escapism one gets as the words take you away. Example,...of sorts, The Dirt, by Motley F#$kin’ Crüe. If that doesn’t take you on a wild ride,....well...I don’t envy you one bit. 
Again, what a world we live in...
That damn wall....knock it down. Knock it down...
I’m writing a kids book too. Damn good fun! 
Take care team. Keep it safe, keep it real, keep it freeky!

New Year Blog

New Year Blog

What a ride that year was! I wont discuss all the obvious but it was an apocalyptic year of sorts am I right? Catastrophic fires Flooding Asteroids getting closer than you think And a pandemic to top it all off! As humans, we were certainly tested. In my world of the music industry, things went to hell pretty fast, and continue to, although we have seen some respite here and there. Again, I don’t want to get too deep into all the nitty gritty as NYD is supposed to be a day of positivity and sets the pace for the year ahead etc. I will say this much about some observations made of the Music Industry. One thing I certainly hoped for and continue to hope for is more appreciation of one another. I’m talking the people in music media, promoters and various people behind the scenes. We all have a vital part to play and to quote my brother, Chippy, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.” Unfortunately, many in the field still need to learn the meaning of that, but one never forgets. I’m forever grateful to the people who support and follow what I do, and you all continue to inspire me. All is One. Everyone is important.

FREEK PRODUCTIONS!!!! If I can take a moment to also say thank you everyone who has gotten behind this. It’s more than some conventional brand with little substance, it’s an evolving entity of creativity and an ideal for all to follow. “Too weird to be a freak!” Let those words sink in a bit my friends. I have watched a society devolve to a point, where it’s almost fashionable to label yourself a freak, to a point where it’s almost an acceptable normal in regular society. FREEK is for me an alternative. One doesn’t need labels or a specific style. Create your own. Be your own. Speak your own. This platform is one I’ve created to share my various creative works and I am proud of what’s been created already. I don’t accept limitation, I just create. 3 novels A short animation T-shirts and now stickers Comic Book And to top it off, I started FREEK-the podcast.

2021 will see much more....

FREAKENSTEIN the comic book series.

Launching early 2021 FREEK!- the podcast: A reflection of albums that take us back to a particular happy place in our lives. Short but fun episodes with a view to include guests and discuss movies and various pop culture that takes us back to more blissful times. This may extend into something more, so watch this space.


• The third “Furies” book

• The Kids- A dark Sci-Fi, Superhero epic set mostly in the 1950’s with many dark twists about a group of kids born into the world, gifted with abilities far beyond mortal. How does the world accept them? The story revolves around a reporter, set in modern day dark times, who stumbles onto a tale that no one seems to remember. What happens is a fantastical voyage back in time, and beyond.



MORE RECYCLING!!!! This will not stop. While this has been good for raising the money I need to make all of this happen, the ethical benefits outweigh such. The process of collecting and knowing that this will all be recycled for new products is awesome. I must also give thanks to the places who continue to support this: Lumberpunks Brisbane- Thanks so much Sam & Tyson. Rage Cage Smash Rooms- Thanks so much Matt. Your generosity makes a huge difference. Sacharomyces Beer Cafe- Great team, great place! Brew Cafe- Thanks Sam for getting behind me on this. Dundees Boxing & Fitness- Best crew of people that show incredible positive support. My family- There is not enough gratitude to express the support you all give me. It means everything.

And...I plan to film a trailer. The script has begun.... I’d love to make Freakenstein animated, and have actually found a guy that can do it, but the cost is above what one can manage right now. But! Never say never.

So, there is a big project list for the year ahead, and hopefully more Darkcell music to record. Just the gift of creating and inspiring others is so fulfilling. This is far from a chore, nor a hindrance. This is a true labour of love and I appreciate this opportunity dearly. The people who donate also. I am deeply grateful to you all.


Take the time to be kind

In FREEK we trust


What a week.


What a week!

I’m sure this time of year has been challenging in many aspects for us all and I sympathise. Crazy times, but before you know it, the blitz is over and you’re back in....the weirdness that is this year. It is what it is sadly.

So this week, all pages for the Freakenstein comic have seen completion and elated barely describes my feeling as I’m already thinking of #2. But will #1 even sell??? That’s the gamble of life isn’t it. Roll the dice and leave it to chance. For me the journey getting to release period, is both sentimental and definitive. Sentimental because I made it happen against all odds and the such. People look at you funny as you walk recycling and I agree, it may look very “hobo”, but soon enough, your actions compel others to do similar. For what reasons, who knows but we collectively are doing our small part for the planet. I cop some criticism for this unique approach, and I take it as part of the journey but those are the same people who should perhaps look at themselves before judging others. I never expect a medal or whatever for what I do. Seriously. I just feel grateful knowing I work extremely hard to make these ideas come to life. Not sitting behind a computer or anything like that, I’m out there facing the world and seeing it all close up in all its glory and infamy, the depth of sin, the kindness of strangers, just the world going by. It’s inspiring.

This week, I sit still in disbelief that FURIES REVENGE is here and people like it.

I am so grateful to you all seriously and I hope to see some reviews soon. Do I chase them? Not really. Should I?

This week, I also took the bold move of sharing a page from a bonus feature I’ve written based from the Furies series. For those who read the books, it was wonderful to see that initial enthusiasm at the unveiling. I also shared the page with some of “The Warriors” fan pages. There were mixed responses and I completely understand. For them, they saw a page without any prior knowledge of the overall back story etc, which led to some....interesting comments which I anticipated.

Art is indeed very interesting my friends. How it’s perceived and viewed is most interesting. Without breaking into a lengthy monologue, I’ll break it down to a simple idea. A creative mind has the power to take an already existing idea and present it themselves in a way portrayed somewhat different, yet offering a viewpoint that requires a different level of understanding. Example. I am a huge Captain Marvel fan. Huge. I’m talking about the original Kree warrior, Mar-Vell of the Marvel Comics era of 70’s bravado. He was to me, the Superman of Marvel. Powers, bravery and a true warrior spirit, that sadly led to his passing in Marvels first graphic novel, The Death of Captain Marvel. There he faced his arch nemesis Thanos, one last time before leaving the world as bravely as he entered it in the arms of death by cancer. He has remained deceased to this day. When the movie came to be, I was excited and when they revealed Mar-Vell, I was surprised to be honest but not upset by any means. Not by the fact that Mar-Vell was a woman, but the cinematic world missed out on one hell of a backstory. This leads me to the point. Art, and how it’s interpreted by the creator is never instantly accepted. With Mar-Vell, my childhood hero was reimagined but presented well. Upset? Not at all. I’ve learned to appreciate these things with a more open mind.

With the Jax page reveal. A part of me wanted to engage in conversation with the comments of fans of the movie who all had a strong opinion of how she should be presented and there was some laughs had also by sheer idiocy. I let it be and hope they will let their curiosity take them to the FREEK site to get Furies Revenge, and let all be revealed. The details will make more sense once book 3 is complete. Do I expect people to get it? I hope but don’t expect. I speak to many people who don’t read, but many who also have a bizarre idea of what art is and it saddens me sometimes. In an age of elitists and convenience driven social media addicts, the gift of reading presents a greater challenge but one I welcome. Jax is a powerful character and not one I created to jump on any bandwagon at all. This was conceptualised through the most organic way without trying to give too much away from FR. The legacy of the Furies comes to light by the actions of one man, who inspires others from various backgrounds and even cultures, to come together United by a common desire and ill tolerance towards a broken society. They seek change and Hewitt, our one man army of darkness, is the conduit. Jax is one such character whose background came about very interestingly. I always wondered what happened to Ajax after he was arrested. Hell, I even emailed James Remar, the actor who played to ask him such a question. He was intrigued by my views and offered me best wishes, which I was grateful that he even bothered to write back. Miracles happen. With my angle, I am far from saying that my stories in the series are the “Gospel according to...”, but more a “What if” scenario that many hours and time spent pondering such thoughts.

Jax has grown as a character and my plan is pretty damn cool. Maybe not agreeable for hardcore fans, but that’s what makes art so damn interesting.....

Stay Freeky




Last weekend, I recycled in the rain. Not the smartest idea in the universe, and yes why not drive.....but stick with me on this thought if you will. We live in such a "convenience" & "short cut" society. A lot of "easy" ways to get things done, or just use your phone and all other manners of for the sake of niceness, "convenience."

We use social media as our platform to communicate, and have inevitably become a diluted society that's forgotten how to communicate face to face. This kind of communication has the power to gain so much more for the individual. There are arguments yes, but this is the new normal or so I'm told. I won't dwell on this, but more leave that thought with you to ponder.

There's something about genuine conversation that fulfils and revitalises the soul. Just a thought my friends.....

Anyways, FURIES REVENGE has arrived and I am so insanely proud of this effort. 72 pages of intense reading. Yes, reading. Not scrolling your phone mindlessly and hitting like buttons and getting lost in the overkill of trend after trend advertising jargle. Just good old fashioned reading. It will make a great gift. Try it. I dare you....

......I’ll expand more in depth on the process, etc and “why a sequel?” for FURIES REVENGE next blog. Trust me when I say this is the kind of intense sequel like what Empire Strikes Back was for Star Wars. The characters both new and old will take this story to new heights and you really will feel like you’re there. Enjoy the taste of fury...
Stay Freeky

Furies Revenge


What a week! The Freakenstein comic is near complete and a few tweaks left to do, but damn it looks cool. The funny thing about writing this book is I’m drawing from personal occurrence but adding life observations and cool spookiness is gonna make this one badass read!! As I write this, FURIES REVENGE is now a reality. The print copies are home and the digital format is available on Amazon/Kindle.

I am absolutely excited, grateful and so freaking proud of this sequel. Again, it’s such a sentimental experience writing this series based on one of my all time favourite movies, ‘The Warriors.’ I’ve said it before, I know, but everyone has a movie or song/s that just made life so much more. This movie was one of them. The Baseball Furies excited and scared with their silent mystique and deadly intensity. The main Furie, played by Jery Hewitt(RIP) was especially so. His performance stuck with me. So much so, I had to name my main character Hewitt in honour of this remarkable character and incredible human, whose career is equally as remarkable. Whilst his passing recently is sad, for me being able to celebrate his legacy in this series means so much. I truly believe anyone who’s a fan of the movie will appreciate this series. The characters in the sequel are exciting asf as too some super cool Easter eggs that fans will adore.

Do me a favour and tell your friends and grab a copy or two. This sequel is the book that keeps on giving. It’s been so fulfilling writing and there is so much more to come. This isn’t throwaway art or nonsensical material. This is writing that will take you away to another world and if it doesn’t, well let me know.


Till then....

Stay Freeky


There’s points in the creative process, where you hit a brick wall or just burn out. It happens. This week, I feel like my mind has just become exhausted. Don’t despair, the creativity is alive and well. I have no ‘off’ switch for that. My subconscious mind is forever pumping out new content and I cannot stop it. This is not a bad thing. What is a bad thing, is when you force yourself to create. That should never happen. Like my previous blog, myself in a creative context, I liken my writing or process to that of surfing. Now while I don’t surf, I do love the ocean. There’s a deep connection that fulfils and enriches my soul....I think I need to go back to the ocean sometime.
Anyways, be patient, occupy your mind with something else as your mind recharges. For me, reading comics or playing the odd video game helps a lot. Hell, just going for a walk even! 
This week is a funny one. I have made strong headway into writing the third ‘Furies’ book, and omg it’s so dark and violent. Just saying. Also, I’ve pretty much finished the first issue of Freakenstein-the comic book. I’m super excited and the journey has been so fulfilling regardless if no one reads it in an age, where we are so consumed by scrolling phones mindlessly and consumerism of trend over individuality, and merit is valued by ‘likes’, ‘followers’, oh my god people wake up! 
It’s a baffling observation. 
This is the now. Deal with it.
However, there are those like myself, your beloved black sheep. We don’t really follow the herd and do what we’re told, hit a ‘like’ button or listen to an artist because everyone else is. I do the complete opposite and if you do also, kudos. 
Is there a point here right now? If you find it, congrats. This is the mind, running on empty this week after pumping out page after page of script for the comic and writing more chapters for the next book. No complaints here. I’d have it no other way. Grateful. Yes I am. Grateful to be able to write and share these creations with people who genuinely want to enjoy. This is fulfilling and inspiring and once again, I cannot thank you all enough. 
This week, my band, Darkcell turned 10 years old. I am numb with joy. There’s a great deal I actually wanted to do for this to share with you, but life happens. Unfortunately. But, I have ideas, and they will surface in due course rest assured. 
I am grateful also for this achievement. 10 years as a very active musical juggernaut. It feels like yesterday, memories from packing the little van and cramming in all the way to Sydney to play a gig to 3 or 4 people and loving it, to recording vocals for “Machine” in a bedroom closet with a mattress and blanket against the door to keep the noise down, to breaking down in tears backstage in Brisbane right before we walked out onstage at Soundwave 2014, and facing so many friends and fans ready to celebrate a moment, then seeing Phil Anselmo side stage head banging before chasing us down after to hug us all, to watching Rit try and keep his poker face on at jams, when we shared the news that we’d be touring with Wednesday 13(for the first time), and seeing him turn his back as he grinned, to hearing how someone dealing with depression, who was ready till they saw Darkcell and felt a joy that would lead them to get a tattoo inspired, to meeting people who share the impact of your music to seeing friendships form and people connecting through the power of music. 
This is pure....
It really does, as a dear friend always so eloquently says, “enrich the soul.” 
As I write this, I look at the time, and know I should be training, but to be able to sit here and write for an audience, even for myself. It’s special. My father isn’t well, and I spoke to him recently. I was gifted a small handful of “FREEK” shirts to sell. He loves his shirt. A lot. I am so happy he has a shirt to see his design and my idea together as one. Sentimental. The shirts easily could be sold to make money. I gave them away to family and Gary Palermo, who kindly helped me with the logo I designed but my skills aren’t quite there hahaha. Dad, drew the bat. That bat was the special touch that for me is so much more. It’s hard to completely put into words the depth of meaning behind it, but know that it comes from a good place. Like the name “FREEK”. I’m so freaking proud of this creative outlet. It’s far from some vessel to make money and such, it’s so much more than that. 
Every week, I recycle. I literally look like a hobo, but I don’t care. I am wheeling a trolley, shipping bags of cans and bottles I collect to the recycling plant. It’s a long walk and tiring, but worth it. Why not drive? Doesn’t have the same fulfilling reward. I walk because I can think. Yes, conditions aren’t always perfect, and definitely not now with summer, but walking’s allows me to just think, see the world around me and know that I am doing something good for the environment and taking steps forward to follow a dream. 
I’d like to once again say thank you to those awesome people who support with recycling:
Sam &Tyson and Lumberpunks 
Sachromyces- Bar and dining
Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness
My mum & sister Kelly
And a warm thanks to the newest contributor 
Brew-Cafe & Bar
I’m going to extend a special thanks to Matt at “Rage Cage-Smash Room”. He’s a special kind of human, who enjoys axe throwing and a fellow “dream chaser”, who went from operating a mobile coffee unit, to taking a gamble and setting up Rage Cage in his backyard.. he now has a proper facility in Moorooka, and it’s freaking awesome! You just go in and smash...everything. How cool is that! He listened to me share my thoughts and dreams, and probably talked his ear off, but he smiled and felt sorry that I do what I do to follow my dreams. I explained that this process for me is humbling and there is nothing sad about it. He’s generously offered to pay a little extra for the bottles I collect, that will be smashed at Rage Cage. Look it up. Your welcome. 
I’m also going to say YOU SO VERY MUCH to the many who expressed great interest in wanting to be in the FREAKENSTEIN comic. I put a call out and you answered....many of you answered and this lifted my spirits incredibly. Why did I do such a thing? Yes, I need money to finish the comic, but this idea became more than that. This became an opportunity to give something special to the people to be a part of this (hopefully)historic moment. I’m nervous and excited. But a special thanks to my editor and friend, Greg, who gave me an idea that is going to make this comic even more special for those people. Stay tuned. 
Yes, Greg and I often talk. Its unique but we share a special bond that has grown from meeting as fan to artist at a gig, to becoming friends and now I consider Greg a close friend but also a mentor. He patiently listens to my ideas and even the crazy ones, and offers support and perspective every time. It means a lot. I am grateful to him for this and the time he shares. Gary Palermo, thank you so much for helping with the art etc, and just pushing to make your own dreams come to life. That’s inspiring. 
Luke Houselander is a cool dude, who I don’t see often enough, but he’s helped a lot, and I am so grateful. 
Another special thanks goes to Aaron Sammut, a friend and fellow writer( check out MAURICE & THE METAL), who recently has helped do some cool tweaks to my work. You’ll see in “Furies Revenge.” As I am also grateful to those who have all helped me on this journey.  The most special thanks again to my family. My sister Kelly has been fantastic, as to Brian my brother and even my mum. Poor girl, listening to my ideas hahaha. Family, friends, fans. Thank you. 
This was meant to be a short blog with no plan of what I was writing about. The mind works in mysterious ways my friends. 
Thank you all again.
Yeah, lots of thanks expressed. It happens. 
To quote a song, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life....and I’m feeling good.” 
Freek on!

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Aaron is a true inspiration. Glad I got to meet you both tonight.