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FREAKENSTEIN- an inside look Book vs Comic

FREAKENSTEIN- an inside look
Book vs Comic 
Freakenstein is an idea that had evolved over time in my mind. I’d always been such a passionate lover of the graphic novel and movie adaptation, “The Crow.” I loved the idea of a tortured soul that would become a supernatural hero in a very rock n …

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A thought on writing....

A thought on writing....
Writing for me is like surfing. Amongst an ocean of possibilities and the vastness of creation, you sit amongst it. Patiently waiting for that one wave. That one special wave,where time stands still and life feels calm, as you ride inside the thrill of creation.

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Inspiration. An idea.

An idea. 
Both can come from the most unlikely of places. A moment captured in the blink of an eye. A song. Sometimes even a simple thought spawned whilst having a shower. Yes, a few song ideas have been born whilst in the shower hahaha. 
Life, as grim and majestic as it…

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An introduction....

An introduction.... 


Hi there. I’m seriously grateful to everyone who’s supported my creative ventures to date. Without stating the obvious, this year certainly has been a rollercoaster for all.  


How do we turn so many negatives into positives? That was the major question I …

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