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What a week.


What a week!

I’m sure this time of year has been challenging in many aspects for us all and I sympathise. Crazy times, but before you know it, the blitz is over and you’re back in....the weirdness that is this year. It is what it is sadly.

So this week, all pages for the Freakenste…

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Last weekend, I recycled in the rain. Not the smartest idea in the universe, and yes why not drive.....but stick with me on this thought if you will. We live in such a "convenience" & "short cut" society. A lot of "easy" ways to get things done, or just use your phone and all other …

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Furies Revenge


What a week! The Freakenstein comic is near complete and a few tweaks left to do, but damn it looks cool. The funny thing about writing this book is I’m drawing from personal occurrence but adding life observations and cool spookiness is gonna make this one badass read!! As I write this, FU…

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There’s points in the creative process, where you hit a brick wall or just burn out. It happens. This week, I feel like my mind has just become exhausted. Don’t despair, the creativity is alive and well. I have no ‘off’ switch for that. My subconscious mind is forever …

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