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A thought on writing....

A thought on writing....
Writing for me is like surfing. Amongst an ocean of possibilities and the vastness of creation, you sit amongst it. Patiently waiting for that one wave. That one special wave,where time stands still and life feels calm, as you ride inside the thrill of creation.
Patience is key friends. We sometimes get too eager, and let’s face it, we’re all guilty of it, as we ride a wave too soon and we either crash or the wave disappears into nothing but a flat moment of nothing. 
In these moments, we lose perspective and lose focus. Many just simply give up without realising the gift of patience. 
For me, that’s writing. I never really force ideas, and opt to let it flow organically. I forever wait patiently and quite often the subconscious mind is riding waves ahead. In these moments, ride the wave. 
An idea is the seed you plant.
From here, be patient and let it grow. 
From small ideas, grow great ideas.
Stay Freeky,

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