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Furious Issue 2 AU$‪20.00‬

#Furious Series Issue 2 : More Blood More Gore 

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Freakenstein- Promo video

Short promo video for the debut issue of “Freakenstein”.

A Rock n’Roll Horror/Action epic based on industrial rock act, Darkcell’s 2015 US Tour...but with a
supernatural twist, that sees the disembodied band, reassembled and reanimated as the
supernatural anti-hero Freakenstein. Facing zombies, vampires, werewolves and more,
this limited series will pack loads of action and no shortage of gore.

The latest offering from Darkcell vocalist, J.Dracman’s FREEK Productions.
Check it out:
Digital comic available at Amazon/Kindle

Music: “Enter the Freakenstein” by J.Dracman
Art: Pristianyuli
Video: Aaron Sammut (check out Maurice and the Metal- AWESOME COMIC BOOK)

Our Wall

A powerful short story animation about anxiety and depression with a positive outlook for all. 

Written and narrated by J.Dracman
Illustration sequence by Anastasia Solti

Music by Bones Rivers

Dracman's Tunes

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"All books are self-published and independently financed through weekly recycling thanks to the support of Lumber Punks Axe Throwing and Containers for Change Queensland."

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