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What a week.


What a week!

I’m sure this time of year has been challenging in many aspects for us all and I sympathise. Crazy times, but before you know it, the blitz is over and you’re back in....the weirdness that is this year. It is what it is sadly.

So this week, all pages for the Freakenstein comic have seen completion and elated barely describes my feeling as I’m already thinking of #2. But will #1 even sell??? That’s the gamble of life isn’t it. Roll the dice and leave it to chance. For me the journey getting to release period, is both sentimental and definitive. Sentimental because I made it happen against all odds and the such. People look at you funny as you walk recycling and I agree, it may look very “hobo”, but soon enough, your actions compel others to do similar. For what reasons, who knows but we collectively are doing our small part for the planet. I cop some criticism for this unique approach, and I take it as part of the journey but those are the same people who should perhaps look at themselves before judging others. I never expect a medal or whatever for what I do. Seriously. I just feel grateful knowing I work extremely hard to make these ideas come to life. Not sitting behind a computer or anything like that, I’m out there facing the world and seeing it all close up in all its glory and infamy, the depth of sin, the kindness of strangers, just the world going by. It’s inspiring.

This week, I sit still in disbelief that FURIES REVENGE is here and people like it.

I am so grateful to you all seriously and I hope to see some reviews soon. Do I chase them? Not really. Should I?

This week, I also took the bold move of sharing a page from a bonus feature I’ve written based from the Furies series. For those who read the books, it was wonderful to see that initial enthusiasm at the unveiling. I also shared the page with some of “The Warriors” fan pages. There were mixed responses and I completely understand. For them, they saw a page without any prior knowledge of the overall back story etc, which led to some....interesting comments which I anticipated.

Art is indeed very interesting my friends. How it’s perceived and viewed is most interesting. Without breaking into a lengthy monologue, I’ll break it down to a simple idea. A creative mind has the power to take an already existing idea and present it themselves in a way portrayed somewhat different, yet offering a viewpoint that requires a different level of understanding. Example. I am a huge Captain Marvel fan. Huge. I’m talking about the original Kree warrior, Mar-Vell of the Marvel Comics era of 70’s bravado. He was to me, the Superman of Marvel. Powers, bravery and a true warrior spirit, that sadly led to his passing in Marvels first graphic novel, The Death of Captain Marvel. There he faced his arch nemesis Thanos, one last time before leaving the world as bravely as he entered it in the arms of death by cancer. He has remained deceased to this day. When the movie came to be, I was excited and when they revealed Mar-Vell, I was surprised to be honest but not upset by any means. Not by the fact that Mar-Vell was a woman, but the cinematic world missed out on one hell of a backstory. This leads me to the point. Art, and how it’s interpreted by the creator is never instantly accepted. With Mar-Vell, my childhood hero was reimagined but presented well. Upset? Not at all. I’ve learned to appreciate these things with a more open mind.

With the Jax page reveal. A part of me wanted to engage in conversation with the comments of fans of the movie who all had a strong opinion of how she should be presented and there was some laughs had also by sheer idiocy. I let it be and hope they will let their curiosity take them to the FREEK site to get Furies Revenge, and let all be revealed. The details will make more sense once book 3 is complete. Do I expect people to get it? I hope but don’t expect. I speak to many people who don’t read, but many who also have a bizarre idea of what art is and it saddens me sometimes. In an age of elitists and convenience driven social media addicts, the gift of reading presents a greater challenge but one I welcome. Jax is a powerful character and not one I created to jump on any bandwagon at all. This was conceptualised through the most organic way without trying to give too much away from FR. The legacy of the Furies comes to light by the actions of one man, who inspires others from various backgrounds and even cultures, to come together United by a common desire and ill tolerance towards a broken society. They seek change and Hewitt, our one man army of darkness, is the conduit. Jax is one such character whose background came about very interestingly. I always wondered what happened to Ajax after he was arrested. Hell, I even emailed James Remar, the actor who played to ask him such a question. He was intrigued by my views and offered me best wishes, which I was grateful that he even bothered to write back. Miracles happen. With my angle, I am far from saying that my stories in the series are the “Gospel according to...”, but more a “What if” scenario that many hours and time spent pondering such thoughts.

Jax has grown as a character and my plan is pretty damn cool. Maybe not agreeable for hardcore fans, but that’s what makes art so damn interesting.....

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