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Sorry for the delay in transmissions and thank you for your patience. A lot has been happening of late, and all is good. Keeping very creative and a solid slab of projects to keep my crazy mind busy.


For beloved Darkcell fans, I have been writing quite a few song ideas and I miss the studio dearly, so fingers crossed, that door will open again soon...


I have been composing a bit of late also, using a loops program that allows me to patch sounds and grooves together and it has been a fun and wonderful process. FREAKENSTEIN....I love making this comic soooooo much and I am so grateful to everyone who supports and read issue 1. I still have copies here, so you know what to do team! It has been such a labour of love bringing this story to life, and I am still recycling to finance the art for this. I have a wonderful artist that I pay per page, and it’s sentimental to me to know that I am doing all this ethically through recycling and supporting the artist and his family. There is no delusions of financial grandeur here, other than to be able to keep this going and see where the story takes us my friends. There are other stories I’d love to bring to comic form also, so how can you help? Easy! Tell your friends to buy Freakenstein or any of my other books, donations are also graciously accepted, as I have completed the script for Freakenstein #2, with 50% of the art completed. Just need to finish it, then get the layout and cover art sorted before we go to print. All this does cost, so the support, once again is deeply appreciated and as added incentive, I will include anyone’s name in the credits that leaves a donation. This next issue is bigger and more gore and action plus, part 1 of the origin story. 6 part limited series kids! Get on it!


Furies 3 is slowly making headway to completion also. If you haven’t read the series to date, seriously check it out. I might upload a chapter or two from my books as incentive.


The podcast. Oh man, this is fun! Happy Daze are exactly that, and I love that I am keeping it raw and diverse with my guests. It’s been a privilege to create. Far from perfect, but this debut season has taught me a lot and really filled my days and others with joy. Again, thank you for subscribing and tuning in. Special thanks to all who leave a rating also. Apparently this helps, and the other week, saw this little show rank #8 on the charts over some bigger names like the NY Times and Devin Townsend Podcast. Wow!


Thanks again for reading and supporting. This helps more than you know, and I am really grateful to those who tell me how inspiring these projects are and motivation for them to do great things themselves.


KEEP IT UP! If you have a goal, a dream, an ambition. There is no tomorrow friends. Today is your day. Grab it by the horns and ride into the sunset. Do great things and expect a bump or scrape along the way. Perfection is an illusion, creation is everything.


As a great man always said to me....




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