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The Importance of Making Time for You and refuelling the mind. In this week’s blog, I pondered a few topics related to FREEK, and then got thinking about us. About you, about me and our need to just be.

Quite often we sigh in despair about never allowing ourselves the time to do the little things. It could be anything. For me, it’s the simple pleasure guessed it. Reading a book. Mostly comic books, but reading nonetheless. It’s a time to enjoy calm and refuel the mind. Try it. Most don’t have the patience because one can’t scroll or anything mindless by today’s trend. Friends, this is a trend that never died, will never die and will do things for your inner psyche. Anyways, it’s easier said than done to find time, but change a habit and replace it, even temporarily with something like. It doesn’t have to be reading, it could be anything that appeals to you that brings joy. That little time spent will make a difference.
For me, this simple action allows me to escape using my thought process and letting someone gifted take my mind into their world. Comic books offer such a great escapism. Hell, even a good book or listening to a great album or something new that you never tried before. These are all actions that leave your mind refreshed and ready to do great things. I could go on about this but if you’ve read this far, I consider it a miracle. Hahaha!
I love walking. A lot. It’s great to see the world around me. Maybe I’ll share a thought sometime, but for now, cheers for reading. Find your happy time and make it happen.

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