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New Year Blog

New Year Blog

What a ride that year was! I wont discuss all the obvious but it was an apocalyptic year of sorts am I right? Catastrophic fires Flooding Asteroids getting closer than you think And a pandemic to top it all off! As humans, we were certainly tested. In my world of the music industry, things went to hell pretty fast, and continue to, although we have seen some respite here and there. Again, I don’t want to get too deep into all the nitty gritty as NYD is supposed to be a day of positivity and sets the pace for the year ahead etc. I will say this much about some observations made of the Music Industry. One thing I certainly hoped for and continue to hope for is more appreciation of one another. I’m talking the people in music media, promoters and various people behind the scenes. We all have a vital part to play and to quote my brother, Chippy, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.” Unfortunately, many in the field still need to learn the meaning of that, but one never forgets. I’m forever grateful to the people who support and follow what I do, and you all continue to inspire me. All is One. Everyone is important.

FREEK PRODUCTIONS!!!! If I can take a moment to also say thank you everyone who has gotten behind this. It’s more than some conventional brand with little substance, it’s an evolving entity of creativity and an ideal for all to follow. “Too weird to be a freak!” Let those words sink in a bit my friends. I have watched a society devolve to a point, where it’s almost fashionable to label yourself a freak, to a point where it’s almost an acceptable normal in regular society. FREEK is for me an alternative. One doesn’t need labels or a specific style. Create your own. Be your own. Speak your own. This platform is one I’ve created to share my various creative works and I am proud of what’s been created already. I don’t accept limitation, I just create. 3 novels A short animation T-shirts and now stickers Comic Book And to top it off, I started FREEK-the podcast.

2021 will see much more....

FREAKENSTEIN the comic book series.

Launching early 2021 FREEK!- the podcast: A reflection of albums that take us back to a particular happy place in our lives. Short but fun episodes with a view to include guests and discuss movies and various pop culture that takes us back to more blissful times. This may extend into something more, so watch this space.


• The third “Furies” book

• The Kids- A dark Sci-Fi, Superhero epic set mostly in the 1950’s with many dark twists about a group of kids born into the world, gifted with abilities far beyond mortal. How does the world accept them? The story revolves around a reporter, set in modern day dark times, who stumbles onto a tale that no one seems to remember. What happens is a fantastical voyage back in time, and beyond.



MORE RECYCLING!!!! This will not stop. While this has been good for raising the money I need to make all of this happen, the ethical benefits outweigh such. The process of collecting and knowing that this will all be recycled for new products is awesome. I must also give thanks to the places who continue to support this: Lumberpunks Brisbane- Thanks so much Sam & Tyson. Rage Cage Smash Rooms- Thanks so much Matt. Your generosity makes a huge difference. Sacharomyces Beer Cafe- Great team, great place! Brew Cafe- Thanks Sam for getting behind me on this. Dundees Boxing & Fitness- Best crew of people that show incredible positive support. My family- There is not enough gratitude to express the support you all give me. It means everything.

And...I plan to film a trailer. The script has begun.... I’d love to make Freakenstein animated, and have actually found a guy that can do it, but the cost is above what one can manage right now. But! Never say never.

So, there is a big project list for the year ahead, and hopefully more Darkcell music to record. Just the gift of creating and inspiring others is so fulfilling. This is far from a chore, nor a hindrance. This is a true labour of love and I appreciate this opportunity dearly. The people who donate also. I am deeply grateful to you all.


Take the time to be kind

In FREEK we trust


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