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Inspiration. An idea.

An idea. 
Both can come from the most unlikely of places. A moment captured in the blink of an eye. A song. Sometimes even a simple thought spawned whilst having a shower. Yes, a few song ideas have been born whilst in the shower hahaha. 
Life, as grim and majestic as it is, is filled with such.
I’ve been grateful to be constantly inspired by the support and even more, some of the amazing tales of people striving to kick their own goals and maximising potential. 
For some, it’s writing verses or finding the confidence to write their own songs, and record! Man that’s awesome! For others, just listening to new music, or digging into the past and finding music that inspired their favourite artists. It’s all a journey of realisation and discovered potential, then going forward, no matter what life throws at us and kicking goals and making dreams come true. 
For this, I am touched, inspired and continue to break my walls down to create and never stop. Mahalo.
Now, I’m currently writing....multitasking actually with writing the third book in the Furious Tale series, as well as scripting the Freakenstein comic book adaptation. I’m going to take some of my favourite advice ever from Todd McFarlane, take the leap off the cliff face and add a split comic to the Freakenstein comic!
With “Furies Revenge” coming very soon, now is as good a time as many on the path of dreams, to bring my Furies tale to life, namely who will soon be a beloved favourite character for many. Jax. I won’t give too much away, other than she’s one pissed off, ass-kicking daughter of Ajax from The Warriors. She strikes with fury, so it’s only appropriate that she join the reborn Baseball Furies. 
If you haven’t read “A Furious Tale”, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?? 
I’ll be posting some reviews real soon, but many have praised the story and it’s authenticity to the original movie, as well as the attention to detail to capture the original feel, with a home run offering of something new and exciting that I promise will appeal to fans of the movie. 
Oh, you haven’t seen it? 
I challenge you to watch it. It’s one of the best cult classics of all time. My story is one we’ll discuss next week, but on the topic of inspiration, The Warriors had a profound effect on me in terms of brilliant story telling, characters straight out of an action comic, and a soundtrack ahead of it’s time. It’s actually the first to feature rock n roll synth, which might sound funny to some, but then, it was revolutionary and provided the backbone to the tone and flow of the movie. 
Inspiration also came through you, the fans of Darkcell and the music I am so proud to be a part of. It helped me shape my tour diaries into the saga I have started called “Freakenstein.”
I am inspired and driven to write and create some the freakiest writing you will read with some diabolical tales from my mind of chaos. 
Thanks again for joining me on this journey, and keep sending in those reviews and feedback. It goes a long way. 
Stay Freeky!

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