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An introduction....

An introduction.... 


Hi there. I’m seriously grateful to everyone who’s supported my creative ventures to date. Without stating the obvious, this year certainly has been a rollercoaster for all.  


How do we turn so many negatives into positives? That was the major question I asked above the obvious many that we were all in the same position of asking.  


What made me proud in this particular question, was seeing friends excel creatively in leaps and bounds, exploring new avenues of creative potential at a time, when it’s been just as easy to let life beat us down and stay down. I was almost that person, and still fall down every now and then like many of us, but determination to channel creative potential and push into new fields was a priority.  


Starting with writing short stories, evolved into an obsession of exploring deeper trains of thought and storytelling and now beyond.  


Why short novels? Well, since these days, the concept of reading is commonly found in the endless scrolling of those beloved, soul sucking social media vessels that agreeably are a necessary evil, but for many, have forgotten the joy and escapism of literature. I’ve purposely written short novels, as quick and easy reading for all, and the guarantee of all killer, no filler in the pages. If not, let me know.  


Having written a journal from my bands USA tour back in 2015, I opted to start transforming these journals, that could still see the light of day, but by adding a supernatural twist, I was able to take an inspiring rock’n’roll story and make it an epic saga with an anti-hero that rocks. Freakenstein is a story that will evolve and quench the thirst of any horror enthusiast with its gore-soaked pages of action mayhem that many have expressed, “Felt like they were there in the story.” For me, this kind of feedback has really pushed me to go further and you will soon see a hell of a lot more action, horror, violence and quite simply a vortex of chaotic imagination passionately written for you to enjoy. 


“A Furious Tale” has a blog reserved for itself, and I’ll discuss this particular series more very soon, as well as “Our Wall,” which was a bold step emotionally but one I felt needed to be written.  


Why this website? Why not have a place, a creative hub, where all can find my various creative ventures and hopefully support to allow me to do so much more, and believe me, there’s so much more to come. 


FREEK PRODUCTIONS or just simply “FREEK” is me, it’s us in a nutshell. That’s why we’re here. There is nothing less than authentic here and I appreciate and value all the support, even the criticism.  


What can we expect?  

More books!  

Comic books! 


And more.  

We’re here! “Too weird to be a freak!”  

Let the journey begin.  

Thank you and stay freeky, 




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